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Why We Use PCR Materials for Our Cosmetic Packaging

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Why We Use PCR Materials for Our Cosmetic Packaging
Latest company news about Why We Use PCR Materials for Our Cosmetic Packaging

Nature does not waste things, only humans do.

Even the withering of flowers and plants is giving birth to the earth, and even death is giving new life to nature. But human beings produce piles of garbage every day, bringing disasters to the air, the earth, and the ocean.

latest company news about Why We Use PCR Materials for Our Cosmetic Packaging  0

The pollution of the earth’s environment is so serious that it can’t be delayed, which has aroused great concern from all countries. The European Union has regulations that in 2025, plastic products must contain more than 25% of PCR materials before they can be sold. Therefore, more and more big brands are already preparing or implementing PCR projects.

Advantages of PCR plastic:

The main advantage of PCR plastic is that it is a durable material. Because the production of PCR plastic does not require new fossil resources, but is made from plastic waste discarded by consumers. The waste plastic is collected from the recycling stream, and then through the mechanical recycling system’s sorting, cleaning, and pelletizing processes, new plastic particles are produced. The new plastic pellets have the same structure as the plastic before recycling. When the new plastic particles are mixed with the original resin, a variety of new plastic products are created. This method not only reduces carbon dioxide emissions, but also reduces energy consumption. Another advantage of PCR plastics is that they can be recycled after use. For example, plastics used in food or cosmetics can be reused in daily life or industrial production. In other words: it is a circle recyclable material.

As a professional cosmetic packaging production company, we Topfeelpack have long been concerned about recyclable and sustainable materials. In 2018, we learned about the use of PCR for the first time. In 2019, we began to actively look for suppliers that can provide PCR raw materials in the market. Unfortunately, it was monopolized at the time. Finally, at the end of 2019, we got some news and got the raw materials samples. At the beginning of 2020, we produced the first batch of samples made by PCR and facilitated the meeting internally: we decided to bring it to the market! In recent years, we have learned about the new needs of many domestic and foreign customers through online B2B platforms, and PCR is a very hot topic.

The model of that batch of samples is TB07. It is our largest sales bottle, with a capacity from 60ml to 1000ml. It is used in different scenarios and is matched with different closures, spray pumps, triggers, lotion pumps, screw caps, etc. In the process of searching for raw materials, we are also constantly testing them, material compatibility, temperature resistance and so on. The development of practice proves that it is safe. Even in appearance, its luster is no longer so obvious, but it is environmentally friendly.

If you have PCR cosmetic packaging needs, please feel free to contact us at info@topfeelgroup.com

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